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The Fulton-Montgomery Photographic Archives are a compilation of photos from this upstate New York region.

The focus of this project is to make these important artifacts accessible and to identify, to organize, and to preserve them for future use. The photos contained in this site belong to various historical repositories, including:

  • Canajoharie Library & Art Museum
  • Fulton County Museum
  • Gloversville Free Library
  • Johnstown City Historian
  • Johnstown Historical Society
  • Johnstown Public Library
  • Margaret Reaney Memorial Library
  • Montgomery County Department of History & Archives
  • Northville Village Historian
  • Walter Elwood Museum


These pages are protected under the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, USC), which governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials. All the materials on these pages, i.e. digitized photographs, site logos and all computer source codes are copyright protected.

Various Fulton and Montgomery County organizations (i.e. The Johnstown Historical Society, The Johnstown Public Library, The Johnstown City Historian, and The Montgomery County Archives) own the actual photographs represented on these pages. The digitized representations of the original photographs belong to The Kenneth R. Dorn Regional History Collection at the Evans Library, FMCC. The Library has been granted the right to create and display these digitized photographs as part of a grant from The Richard & Rebecca Evans Foundation.

Requests to use copyrighted materials found on this site require the permission of The Fulton-Montgomery Photographic Archives. Requests to reproduce the digital copy of the photograph must be made to The Evans Library and the owner of the original photograph. Any request to reproduce the original photograph must be made to the individual organization that owns the photograph.

All requests for permission to use and/or copy materials found on this site and any additional information on copyright issues can be obtained by contacting Theresa Ellithorp, Project Coordinator.



Thanks go to the Richard and Rebecca Evans Foundation and the Fulton-Montgomery Community College for their support. The funding from the Evans Foundation and the loan of equipment and supplies from the College has made this project a reality.

Our very sincere thanks to William Bonner, Academic Computer Coordinator at FMCC.  Bill wrote the source code that made possible the data transfer between the database and the web. For his continuing assistance, we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation.

Project Coordinators: Theresa Ellithorp and Mary Donohue

*Page updated 7/18/03*

2000, Fulton-Montgomery Photographic Archives